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September is the month I feel life coaching comes into its own.

Autumn has arrived and nothing crystalises our own changes more than when we step outside and register what’s going on around us.

As it’s September, I’m going to grab the autumn harvest metaphor, and ask the following questions of you:

  • what am I proud of achieving this year? What is my personal harvest?
  • from what I’ve achieved or, perhaps, not achieved this year, what do I know now?
  • what do I want to have happened between now and spring?
  • imagine looking back from next spring, what are the actions you would thank yourself for taking now? Think first step, second step, third step.

When we’re busy and time-poor, it can feel indulgent to step outside, observe, reflect, assess and triangulate. Yet when we do, it’s calming, informative and re-connects the disparate parts of what we do, making the whole meaningful.

Harness the crisp autumn air, give those questions a go and let me know what you do to maintain perspective.

I always look forward to hearing from you.

With my very best wishes.

Michael Laffey Life Coach

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