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After being involved in 20 events this year, we can now say that we feel part of the dog apparel and accessories world.  We’ve met so many wonderful owners and their fabulous dogs heard so many stories and learned so much. Here are four things that have stood out:

(1) Buying British really does matter. We are so glad that we spent a little more time and money investing in this side of our business and supporting British manufacturing. We knew we wanted this to be a key part of what we do, and we’ve been delighted (and relieved!) that our customers have welcomed our UK-made ethos.

(2) Owners care about their dogs more than non-dog-owning people can possibly know. Well-made, ethically-produced food with great ingredients is the way forward. That’s why companies such as Guru Pet Food and Beautiful Joe’s (which we sell at events and on our website) are thriving.  Owners have become very savvy and well informed about what’s in their dogs’ food, and they take time to read labels and ask questions, which is great and we welcome it.

(3) Dog owners also love supporting their chosen dog charities. Meeting the team from the north London-based charity All Dogs Matter at a pop-up back in January was a highlight of ours, and since then, we have been fortunate to take part in some of their excellent fundraising events throughout the year. They definitely know how to keep the FUN in fundraising. Seeing how hard they work to help rehome every dog that comes through their doors is humbling. Also, it’s been great to see their band of loyal supporters return to their events time and again, bringing with them their happy, well -adjusted dogs and puppies, all rescued and rehomed by the charity.

(4) Finally, there is nothing quite like hitting the road and meeting owners, their dogs, other makers/retailers, and trade customers face-to-face. We may all be “digitally engrossed” these days but you simply cannot convey your passion for your product – and understand who your customers are – until you meet people. So, to everyone we’ve met this year who has bought an Ellery Bow product, believed in what we’re doing, shared their story, allowed us to photograph them and their dogs, given us advice and feedback…we salute you.

All of us at Ellery Bow wish every pet a warm, safe and pampered Christmas.

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