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Who are we?

The Livewell Directory is an online Directory for the World. Our aim is to make it easier for conscious consumers (and other businesses) to find local, organic, free-range, ethical, responsibly sourced, sustainable and planet friendly products under the categories: Food, Retail and Wellbeing.

Why are we different?

Livewell Directory is a global Directory, we work in accordance with certifications to ensure that minimum standards are being met. All listings on the Directory are approved according to strict criteria within the Food, Retail and Wellbeing categories.

By joining Livewell Directory you will become part of a community that recognises and appreciates your hard work in being ethical, and planet friendly.  Not only does the Directory make it easier for conscious consumers to find you, but you will also be part of a revolution towards a healthier, kinder and fairer planet.

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What’s in it for you?

In addition to all of the positive association with our Livewell Directory community, once listed, you will also receive:

  • One free business listing for a year (normally £36 or equivalent in $ or €)
  • A full page for your business profile that links back to your website
  • Promotion on our social media sites Twitter and Facebook
  • Opportunity to guest blog
  • Reviews system to see what people think of your business
  • View counter system to see how many views your listing gets
  • Favouriting system for registered users to interact with your business
  • A free sticker to put in your business window  (currently in the UK only)
  • Be part of something that could literally change the World
  • Join our private Facebook Pioneers groups and connect with our ethical community
  • Our community newsletter, straight to your registered email

How much does a listing cost?

We like to keep things simple – all business listings get the same features, you just need to decide how and when to pay.

Businesses that want a listing can choose between an annual or monthly package. All monies go towards administration, advertising the directory and supporting charities.

Features for each business listing:

  • List under Food, Retail or Wellbeing
  • Description about your business
  • Upload a video about your business
  • Image gallery (maximum photos: 6)
  • Business location via map (multiple locations are not available at the moment)
  • Opening hours
  • Contact form (receive communication from users directly to your email)
  • Special offers (optional if you want to give Livewell Directory users an incentive)
  • Link to your social networks
  • Receive public reviews (see what your customers think of you)
  • View counter (see how many people have seen you on Livewell Directory)

Pay nothing for 12 months

Free Trial

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$5 / €5 / R50

Pay Monthly

Cancel anytime


$36 / €36 / R360

Pay Annually

Save £24 per year

Secure payment options

Security is a top priority when listing with Livewell Directory, we have an SSL certificate on our website and use universally recognised payment gateways for your assurance.


If you can’t find your answer here, please contact us.

About Livewell Directory

Why should I list my business?

Our vision is big! We want to help everyone around the World find their local, planet friendly, ethical and health endorsing businesses as conveniently as possible. At the moment people tend to go straight to the big supermarkets or well advertised businesses without considering where their meat comes from or whether a product has been tested on an animal or if the clothing they’re wearing was made by a person who works in terrible conditions. So by joining our directory you will not only gain recognition for your hard work in being ethical, but you’ll also be part of a revolution towards a healthier, kinder and fairer planet.

What is the listing criteria?

If any listings are found to not adhere to our terms and conditions we reserve the right to remove them from the Directory with immediate effect and without a refund.


The following criteria is required for Food listings:

  • All listings must provide proof of certification via licence code or chain of custody numbers
  • RSPCA Assured Certification (or equivalent) is our minimum requirement for any animal products
  • Eggs must be graded 0 – 1 (free-range organic)


To list your business under this category you must provide:

  • Proof of certification membership via a licence code or chain of custody number (where relevant)
  • If not a member of a certification body, then provide proof of use of ethical products (where relevant)
  • Certification not required for businesses which sell recycled products


Our criteria under this listing requires:

  • Providing licence code or chain of custody number of a certification body listed (where relevant)
  • If not a member of a certification body, our minimum requirements are the use of ethical products such as organic, natural or cruelty-free (where relevant)
  • Wellbeing is a category which mainly lists individuals or groups that offer health services such as yoga, pilates, life coaching etc. The inclusion of this type of business on our directory is to promote general wellbeing, and so the certification bodies listed may not be relevant.

To find out more, please visit our terms and conditions page.

Why the emphasis on certifications?

Certification bodies are important for us to support. We want to help educate the public as to why they are so essential in moving business and society in the direction of ethical, fair and planet friendly practices. Businesses, like yours, that are members / advocates of certifications and ethical practices should be recognised, which is why we include certifications as part of our search options and listing requirements.

What if I don’t have a certification?

If your business is a charity shop, resells used goods or you’re a supplier of hand-made items then we would be happy to consider you for a listing. If you’re not sure whether you’re eligible to list your business on Livewell Directory, please contact us with a description of your business and how you’re ethical and planet-friendly.

Who is behind Livewell Directory?

If you want to find out more about us and who we are, read more about our mission and vision and our team.

Check out our community news , where we will be sharing tips and featuring guest bloggers from certification bodies and other eco-warriors from around the World.

Thanks for helping us start a new way of living, with nature and the welfare of every human in mind.


Will I be able to modify my listing when live?

You will be issued with an account automatically when you sign-up for a listing. Once logged in you will be able to amend your own listing and manage your account.

How long will it take to be approved and online?

We aim to approve your listing within 24 hours, depending on how quickly we can confirm your certification membership(s) where relevant. A notification will be sent to you via email once your listing is live.

If I need help with my listing, do you provide support?

Yes, we offer full support to all customers with their listings. If you need help with how to add an image or if you’re experiencing problems in any way, we are here to help. Contact us by email at and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Do you provide refunds if I cancel?


Yes, we provide refunds for Annual subscriptions. We require notice of cancellation, via email, within 30 days of your registration. We will then provide you with a refund. However, there will be an admin charge of £5 (or equivalent in other currencies). Please email:


No we don’t provide refunds for Monthly subscriptions as payment is taken monthly. All you need to do is cancel your listing via email, and your listing will be taken down at the end of the month of cancellation. Please email:


These are currently free for any listing offering a special offer to Livewell Directory users. This is subject to change in the future as the site becomes more popular.

Will I be notified before my listing expires?

You will receive an email notification 2 weeks prior to the expiry date of your listing and again on the expiry date. You can then choose a package and renew your listing. If you wish to renew your package, please login to your account to organise payment.

How do I make my logo the preview image?

If you want your logo to appear as the main image of your listing, then make sure you set the logo as the featured image when uploading it to the site.

What format and sizes should my images be?

Suggested formats

We recommend using jpegs or png files. Other file types such as pdfs or tifs won’t work. We recommend not uploading anything larger than 1Mb or it will slow down the loading of your listing. All images uploaded by you should be owned by you and not subject to copyright. See our Terms and Conditions.

Recommended sizes for images:

All sizes are width first, then height.

Banner image: 1662px x 500px

Logo: 150px x 150px if your logo is square or 150px x 65px if your logo is rectangular.

Gallery image: 848px x 500px

View images guide for more information

What are Watchdogs?

Watchdogs is the term for our reviewers of any listing on Livewell Directory. We have strict requirements to list a business on our site, but we also care about hearing from the public of their own experiences. This is a great way of getting feedback on a business and recognising truly ethical, planet-friendly efforts.